Color Chain - Color Blending


Color Chain: Color Blending for Professionals


Color Chain is a mobile application that I created, designed, had developed, and launched. This unique app allows a creative professional or student to systematically generate and save color palettes - based on the use of the phone's camera.

This tool is beneficial for students and professionals not only in the field of graphic design, but in any applied industry where finding a unified, restricted color palette is integral, such as interior design, architecture, product design, industrial design, fashion, and textile.



Color Chain Dashboard

Once inside, the user may select between creating a new color chain or accessing the library, without having to create an account. There is no limit. 


Toggle Different Color Formats!

When on a project, the user is able to select different formats by clicking on each color swatch, perfect when working on creative projects using the Adobe suite.


Phone Camera Captures!

Two colors are targeted through the camera interface, which then generate a unique color blend diagram. Each color displays its associated CMYK, RGB, and HEX numbers.


Save Your Color Chains

After you are done making a color chain, you can store it to make sure you capture your inspiration. You can go back whenever you want and retrieve it.


Color-Blend Diagram

This tool is extremely useful when working with two colors that might not seem to work initially. Having blended colors that step between two will provide more opportunity. 


Chain Library

Each chain is saved to a library so that you may select it again when needing an old palette for a job, or when you want to apply an existing palette to a new job.